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sculptural bar


Sculptural bar with lighting, interior shelves and rotating base in polished brass. The finish is in textured artistic on the exterior and gold leaf interior.

NOTE: Each piece is signed and numbered by Albino Miranda.


106 x 46 x 202 cm



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"DOURO" sculptural bar was born from Albino's passion for the portuguese sub-region and cultural icon that is Douro Valley. This piece pretends to bring part of Douro's history anywhere it's placed. Every line hand-carved into the sculpture has written on its very soul the gorgeous valleys that surround this region, and its finish tries to match the colors and textures present on this unique landscape. Just like the port wine, known for centuries as an authentic jewel of this region, DOURO's bar has a gold leaf interior that gives the same sense of both sentimental and physical value of this wine. The subtle 360º rotation that it's capable of doing, allied with the spaces to store your favorite drinks and cups, makes it shine on every space that wants art, function and personality features.

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