Albino Miranda


Born in 1967 in the midst of a humble family, Albino Miranda always did stand out for his creativity and aptitude for the art. After working with several companies mainly in the field of ceramic, in which he has always stood out for his talent as sculptor, it's in the 90s with the ambition to grow professionally on his own and taking sculpture as passion, that he starts a possible project that comes later to be Albino Miranda, Lda.  Starting with a small space at home, he made sculptures out of a composite stone that himself invented, and his project started growing. Always following the market needs, the business would eventually be extended to other types of stone, woods and custom finishes.  Albino Miranda currently develops his projects in fiberglass, material with which he pretends to work from now on, due to its mechanical properties and design flexibility.


"Art as an expression of thought"



Other Projects

November 30, 2017, marks the date that one of the most important works from Albino Miranda was inaugurated. Its main purpose is to represent the Legend of Barcelos Cockerel as a symbol of the city that belongs to it. 

It can be found in the main entrance of Barcelos and is split into two elements: The allusive statue to the Cockerel of Barcelos and the illustrated circle.The circle with 30 meters in diameter, depicts the Legend through illustrations that circumvent the roundabout. In each illustration is also represented another symbol that is the Camino de Santiago.In the center of the circle is the Cockerel with his back to the city, surrounded by the legend that sustains it.


Urban Road Map

Handmade sculptures in Barcelos


Urban road map of Barcelos's handicraft figures pretends to consolidate Barcelos as handicraft capital. The pieces signed by Albino Miranda are made in fiberglass, have between 1,70 and 2,70 meters high and weigh 150 to 200kg. They replicate some of the major works of craftsmanship masters of the city, such as "Medusa" by Julia Ramalho, "Cabra" by Rosa Ramalho, "Junta de Bois" by Rosa Côta, "Gigantona" by Julia Côta, "Presépio na Bilha" by Júlio Alonso, "Galinheira" by Conceição Sapateiro and "Músico Cabeçudo" by Ana Baraça.


“Things only happen when there's a dream…”

Albino Miranda


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