November 30th, 2017, marks the day where Albino Miranda's most important sculptural work (so far) was done. Important not only for its huge size, 20 meters high by 30 meters in diameter, but also because its the main symbol of Barcelos and even of Portugal, known and spoken worldwide - "Barcelos Cockerel". 

This giant Sculpture is split in two elements: The allusive statue to the "Barcelos Cockerel", and the illustrated circle which depicts the famous "Legend of Barcelos Cockerel" through illustrations. that circumvent the roundabout.

It can be seen at the main entrance to Barcelos, in Av. São José, 4750, Barcelos, or through the following coordenates: 41.538971, -8.624538

Urban Road Map

Handmade sculptures in Barcelos

Urban road map of Barcelos's handicraft figures pretends to consolidate Barcelos as handicraft capital. The pieces signed by Albino Miranda are made in fiberglass, have between 1,70 and 2,70 meters high and weigh 150 to 200kg.

They replicate some of the major works of craftsmanship masters of the city, such as "Medusa" by Julia Ramalho, "Cabra" by Rosa Ramalho, "Junta de Bois" by Rosa Côta, "Gigantona" by Julia Côta, "Presépio na Bilha" by Júlio Alonso, "Galinheira" by Conceição Sapateiro and "Músico Cabeçudo" by Ana Baraça.