NORDIC // Outdoor Furniture

From GANSK collection comes Nordic, a line of furniture conceived for Outdoor environments,
capable of creating unique relaxing sets with unlimited design combinations.

The Selection
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Nordic line ambience with sofas, poufs, tables and bedsClean and Elegant look...

Nowadays given the easy access to information that the internet has provided us with, we're just one click away to other people's living style, which makes us compete against each other everyday for a chance of being distinguished from the rest.

However, even though this rush and connection was the mechanism for the massive change the World is facing, it made us forget a very important point: to live and enjoy every moment intensively, because each one may be the last, and time is the most precious thing.

The Nordic furniture line was designed with this very goal - not to create that unique and astonishing visual impact, but to provide the best moments in the simplest, versatile and most functional way.

Nordic chaise longues

Versatile and Design Freedom...

Nordic furniture has also two strong characteristics: Versatility and Design Freedom. These very important aspects, allows our client to create unique sets for each project. Some pieces, such as the Sofas and Coffee Tables, even allows for custom dimensions, opening even further the possibilities.

Any custom dimensions, finishes or even shapes, should be previously requested through our contact forms. Our Design Department will then analyse the idea and provide de proper feedback. If your suggestion is not viable for some reason, don't worrie, our main focus is to get you the best support possible, and we are sure to come back with some awesome alternative.

Nordic line ambience number 2, with sofas, poufs, chaise longues, tables and beds

Enhance your Outdoor projects with the unlimited possibilities Nordic line has to offer.