Karpa's New Showroom - Shenzhen, China

KARPA is proud to announce the opening of the new showroom in the city of Shenzhen, China.
This is a remarkable step towards its internationalization and the ultimate hub to achieve the chinese professionals requests!

Karpa's new showroom in Shenzhen, China, featuring Albino Miranda's iconic piecesPerfect place to see and feel Karpa...

Karpa is such an unique and exclusive collection of furniture, that there's no picture, video or sample that trully depics the astistry and elegance of its pieces. Only by seeing and touching them with your own hands, may you trully get this feeling.

That's why the opening of this fantastic showroom in Shenzhen - China is an event of massive importance. Not only because it's a remarkable step towards Karpa's internationalization, but also for being a more practical way for the chinese professionals to get to know personally our collection.

Albino Miranda's unique touch...

With a curated selection, it will be possible to see some of the most iconic pieces sculpted by Albino Miranda, including the signed Douro Cabinet Bar.

In partnership with Shine Living, this 600sqm showroom is located inside iADC, a new design centre in BaoAn area, in Shenzhen. A multi-brand showroom with a selection of Portuguese brands, representing the best design, quality and craftsmanship of Portugal. 


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