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Born in 1967, Albino Miranda is a Portuguese artist known for his unique creativity and aptitude for sculpture since early age. His passion for sculpture was strong, but so was his ambition of having is own company on the decorative sector, and that’s what made Albino create Albino Miranda, Lda. in 1989, to help him carry out his dream. With more than 28 years of experience and escorted by more than 30 responsible and dedicated professionals, Albino Miranda, Lda. is a company that works on the decorative sector, creating and developing furniture and sculpture, with services that go from design and project, to all the technical support of budgeting, production, finishing and delivery in the most varied areas.

The course of the company begins with the production of exclusive sculptures with the Gestos brand, and adapts itself later to interior decoration and production of exclusive furniture. However, aiming to enter on the international market, it’s in 2009 that Albino starts a new challenge and presents its latest furniture brand, Karpa, composed of a wide range of products that reflect his sculptural talent, and combine the resin reinforced with fiberglass, with exclusive and luxurious finishes. In 2015, with Karpa creating more bold and unique solutions, and willing to embrace different markets, launches GANSK, a brand of fiberglass furniture of light and elegant design, focused mainly to outdoor environments . Nowadays the brands already play a very important role in the internationalization of the company, being present in more than 20 countries.

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